Incredible Automotive Optical Illusions

You wouldn't know this isn't actual automotive photography.

We've all taken gag photos of holding, biting, and flicking large objects made smaller by forced perception. The photos you’re looking at here have the opposite effect. Photographer Michael Paul Smith used some very mundane objects, as well as a healthy amount of creativity to produce some genuinely impressive automotive photography. We actually hesitate to call it automotive photography, since the photos, though automotive themed, are actually of die-cast models. The models are incredibly detailed though, and look convincingly like the real thing.

Mr. Smith uses a mix of model cars, buildings and forced perspective real-world objects blended together to create very lifelike recreations of bygone street corners, garages and parking lots, filled up with some of the best cars of their respective eras. Mr. Smith doesn’t use an especially fancy camera, just a $250 14-megapixel Canon. And neither is there any special formula for setting up the shots, he just eyeballs them and if they look right, he takes the shot. The special thing about these photos is the creativity which goes into them, and for that we applaud Mr. Smith.

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