Incredible Crash Caught on Camera at the Nurburgring

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An SUV flips out on the Nurburgring.

Open days on the Nurburgring are filled with fast cars driven by enthusiasts of all skill levels. One very green enthusiast took his Honda CR-V around the Eiskurve turn and, well, he probably didn't know 'Eiskurve' translates to 'Ice Curve.'

On open days, the Nurburgring race track is easily accessible as only a driver's license and $34 dollars is needed to take your car out to the track. Thankfully, both the driver and passenger were fine after the crash. Fine and very lucky by the looks of it. In case you might be wondering why all the drivers on the track continue to drive by the scene of the crash, you have to understand first and foremost that the Nurburgring is a racetrack. Slowing down is required by the official Nurburgring rules, however speeds must not dip below 40km/h (25mph) as the chance for another crash would rise significantly.

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