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Incredible Discounts Await Chevrolet Camaro Buyers

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Chevy wants to move some old stock off the lot.

The United States has many iconic rivalries: Democrats versus Republicans, New York Yankees versus Boston Red Sox, the East Coast versus West Coast hip-hop. One of the most legendary American battles for more than a century has been GM versus Ford, and besides perhaps the pickup truck market, there is no place this fight is more fierce than in the muscle car segment.

The Chevy Camaro had a rough 2018, being outsold by both the larger and heavier Challenger and its long-time nemesis the Mustang. While Camaro sales were able to rebound in the first quarter of 2019, increasing by two percent to 12,083 units, unsold 2018 model year inventory continues to sit on dealer lots. With Chevy desperate to make way for more refreshed 2019 Camaros, most 2018 versions of the Chevy muscle car are seeing massive discounts of 15%.

The price cut of 15% below MSRP does not apply to all leasing offers, but is available across the lineup, including the range-topping ZL1 performance edition. While the 2018 ZL1 starts at $62,495, the discount drops the price to $53,045. Chevy is also offering a $1,000 customer cash allowance on any 2018 models and a $500 customer cash allowance on 2019 Camaros.

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There are few disclaimers hidden in the fine print, however. The customer must take delivery of their Camaro by April 30, 2019 in order to receive the offer. Additionally, some customers may not qualify for this offer, and it is always important to check with your dealer for details on the deal to see if you qualify.

However, with the 2019 Camaro receiving a facelift that has garnered a less-than-positive response for its awkward front grille and taillights, the 2018 Camaro might be a more enticing deal. Act fast if you want to get your hands on a heavily discounted Camaro before the offer ends.