Incredible One-Off Bentley Embiricos Makes Cameo in Crewe

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A Bentley beauties has arrived in the British marque's hometown.

Bentley Motors Limited has had years of ups and downs, but they are stronger than ever today. The automaker was born on January 18, 1919, in Crewe, England, and since then has produced some of the most incredible automotive designs the world has ever seen. Though some might call that statement a hyperbole, we direct your attention to the "Embiricos," the classic 4 1/4-liter machine built in conjunction with French coachbuilders Pourtout Carrossier and commissioned by Andre Embiricos.

Embiricos was a very famous and very wealthy Greek racing driver and during the 1930s, he felt the need for an aerodynamic model with an excellent design and a very fast top speed. The Derby Bentley was built with an age-hardened aluminum alloy for a light weight and reaches a top speed of 114.64mph. In 1939, Embiricos sold his one-off auto to H.S.F. Hay who raced it in three separate Le Mans 24-Hours races and finished 6th overall in 1949. The elegant fastback design inspired the 1952 Type R Continental and it was so influential that, in fact, the Brits said it even serves as an inspiration for the modern-day Continental GT Coupe.

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"It is an honour [sic] for Bentley to exhibit this unique Bentley for the first time, thanks to the generosity of its esteemed owner. Its sleek form was extremely advanced for the time, and its DNA can still be seen in modern Bentley coupes today. We are looking forward to showing the Embiricos to our factory visitors, and to the public at the upcoming Windsor Castle Concours of Elegance," said Bentley Director of Royal and VIP Relations and Head of the Bentley Heritage Collection Richard Charlesworth. The 4 1/4-liter Embiricos Special is currently on display at the Lineage Showroom at Bentley's factory in Crewe and will remain there until September.