Incredibly Rare One-Of-Ten Dodge Viper Is Practically Brand-New

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And you can now buy it.

The 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is an impressive flagship model, but in some ways, it doesn't quite fill the hole left in our hearts left by the Dodge Viper. Even though the Viper has been out of production since 2017, Dodge has strangely sold a handful of them in 2019, meaning there must still be leftover inventory sitting at dealerships. The final fifth-generation Viper lasted from 2013 to 2017 and during that time, Dodge built a handful of special edition models.

One of these special edition versions, known as the Viper GTC ACR Time Attack, has recently come up for auction through Barrett-Jackson. The car will be sold during an online auction and could fetch a massive sum due to its condition and rarity.

Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson

The ACR, which is short for American Club Racing, was the most track-focused variant of the Viper. It was still powered by the same 8.4-liter V10 engine found in other Viper models producing 645 horsepower but the ACR was equipped with a massive rear wing, dive planes, and a front splitter for greater downforce. And unlike most modern track-focused cars, the Viper ACR sent the driver into battle with an old-fashioned six-speed manual transmission with power only going to the rear wheels.

Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson

ACR models are rare on their own but this particular example is one of only ten GTC T/A (Time Attack) models ever built. This one is build number five of 10, and is finished in an awesome shade called Lurid Orange with matching orange interior sticking paired with black leather.

If the car's rarity wasn't enough to fetch a massive price, the mileage oughta do it. The car only has 130 miles on the odometer and is so brand-new inside, it even includes the factory plastic other the seats and shift knob. If you do plan to bid on this Viper, Barrett-Jackson says the car needs to be picked up from Murrieta, California.

Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson
Source Credits: Barrett-Jackson

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