Incredibly Rare Pontiac Concept Still Looking For A New Home

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Will this stunning ultra-rare Pontiac finally find a buyer?

The Pontiac Banshee was meant to be GM's answer to the Ford Mustang. Boss John Z. DeLorean green lit the project after a request from Pontiac's Advanced Engineering division to build a two-seater sports coupe. Codenamed the XP-833, the design was inspired by the 1963 Corvair Monza GT with parts borrowed from the first-gen Tempest and power coming from a new 165-hp straight-six mated to a four-speed manual. Alas, the Banshee never made the jump from concept to production car: GM couldn't risk it stepping on the Corvette's toes.

But its design lived on in cars like the Corvette and 1967 Firebird. Despite GM's instruction to destroy the concepts, two Banshees survived. The prototypes (this silver coupe and a white convertible) were hidden in shipping containers and later sold to employees. It last sold for $214,500 back in 2006 and has since had two no-sales, the latest being for $400,000 in 2010. Banshee number one is finished in gleaming silver with a red leather interior boasting an aircraft inspired dashboard, and rides on a set of period-correct "Redline" tires. It remains in outstanding condition and carries a pre-sale estimate of $600,000 to $650,000 by the Dragone Auction, which is taking place on May 30 near the Greenwich Concours.

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