IND's BMW Creations For SEMA 2016 Cars Are Very Tasty

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This is how the M2 and M4 should look.

There's going to be so much to see at this year's SEMA show that we'd need more days to fully appreciate it all. From manufacturer cars to tuner cars to collaborations between manufacturers and tuners, there will be a car for everyone. On the tuner front, this pair of BMWs is something to look out for. The cars seen here are from Chicago-based parts and accessory supplier IND. These guys carry all the coolest stock from all the biggest brands, and so they added a bunch of them to a pair of M-Cars.

To make the most of the show, and the cars, IND teamed up with Rays Engineering, BBS, Eisenmann, Eventuri, KW, Brembo and RKP. The BMW M2 features KW's Clubsport coilovers (which are still a prototype) that give the car a mean stance on the 18-inch Advan RS-DF wheels. Another new product just made available for the car is the Brembo GT brake kit that has a more solid caliper along with a thicker brake disc. Induction is by Eventuri and the exhaust comes from Eisenmann, and as you can see in the pic, it's a work of art, but functional art with a restrictor valve to quieten the car down when needed. RKP components are found on the exterior; a sizeable rear wing and a GTS-style front spoiler.

Inside there's a lot going on with carbon fiber and Alcantara everywhere, like on the custom rear close out in Alpine White that matches the BMW half cage. Everything that's available from BMW Performance has been fitted too, and that's a lot of stuff with a pretty serious price tag. With the car being kitted out to resemble a full on track car, the right changes are needed, and one of the coolest found on this M2 has to be the addition of a steering wheel sourced from the new BMW M4 GTS. Just behind that you'll also find color-matched Alpine White shift paddles from the IND stable. We're sure there will be other cars on par with these, but until then, these are the M-Cars we want from SEMA.

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