Indecent Porsche 911 Body Kit Launches At SEMA Show

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Indecent's new 002 body kit for the Porsche 911 is striking.

Indecent isn't well known at the moment, but take a look at its products, and you get the feeling that it will soon be as famous as Liberty Walk, Mugen, and Mansory. Actually, scratch that. Indecent's slogan makes its mission quite clear. "Vulgar is easy. Stay classy. Just a bit Indecent."

So not the kind of body kits Mansory is known for. Mansory's body kits are vulgar enough to scar your eyeballs from 50 yards away. Honestly, we'd rather stare at the Eye of Sauron than look at a Mansory-fied G-Class.

Indecent only does Porsches. It only does 997.1 narrow-body coupe 911s, including the Carrera, Carrera S, and the GT3. To date, it only had one kit for sale, but now the Indecent 002 has been introduced at SEMA 2022.

the.indecent/Instagram the.indecent/Instagram the.indecent/Instagram

Indecent 002 debuted at the Las Vegas expo as a collaboration built between Fabspeed and Indecent.

Fabspeed is known for its aftermarket exhaust systems, which include various pipes for every Porsche currently on sale. It teased the sound of the bespoke exhaust system made for the show car.

Not much is known about Indecent 002, except that it exists. Indecent obviously made enough money from 001 sales to invest in an all-new body kit, which is a little less subtle but still classy. If the company follows the same format, the kit will include front and rear overfenders and bumpers, side skirts, splitter, diffuser, decklid, and ducktail.

The company says it's currently working on convertible and widebody models like the 911 Turbo.

Compared to Indecent 001, 002 is more or less the same. The flowing bodywork gives the car a wide stance with massively protruding wheel arches. The rear lights are also covered, leaving a thin slither of light across the car's rear. And then there are the double-barrel exhaust pipes, which have always been a GT3 tradition. Hey, if you're going to borrow, borrow from the best.

The most apparent difference between the two kits is the rear spoiler size. Indecent 001 has a subtle ducktail, almost like a 911 GT3 Touring. Indecent 002 is as subtle as a stab wound. It takes inspiration from the 993 and 964 RS models but adds a modern twist.

Prices aren't available, but if you can afford a Porsche, you likely have a few bucks to splurge on a tasteful body kit.

the.indecent/Instagram the.indecent/Instagram

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