Indian College Student Builds Badass Wooden Roadster Because City Cars Suck

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Would you rather drive a Tata Nano or this?

It's no Ferrari F50, but this vintage wooden roadster is still pretty damn cool. It was built in India by a young college student named Amandeep Singh, a man with little carpentry experience and no history working with cars. Despite his lack of car knowledge Singh and his father were still able to create a road-legal roadster using the engine from a Maruti Suzuki 800 and spare parts. The car is Signh's daily driver (it already has 12,427 miles on it) and can do up to 75 mph.

As you'd expect this car is a hit in Patiala, the Indian city where Singh lives. Tata, take note: People want vintage wooden roadsters, not the Nano.

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