Indian Owner Says Donkeys are Better than His Jaguar

Posters say “bogus car,” “bogus service,” “bogus company.”

A few months ago, we told you about an Italian BMW owner who went to great lengths to protest the various mechanical difficulties he was experiencing with an M6. The man was so angry that he covered his car in posters, and then took a sledge hammer to it. It seems the trend is catching on, though this Indian owner decided to voice his complaints against Jaguar in his own unique way. The unhappy man took his XF to his local service center with a clear message to the company.

Covering his car in posters that stated “bogus car,” “bogus service” and “bogus company,” he then matted the car with hay and had it pulled by several donkeys. The message: “It’s better to have a donkey than a Jaguar.” It seems his protest managed to make some headway with Jaguar, as the company stated they were working to quickly resolve his issue.

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