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Individual Colors For BMW 7 Series Are A Bit Of A Letdown

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Where are all of the wacky M colors?

BMW recently revealed the facelifted 2020 7 Series, which has been met with some criticism for its abnormally large kidney grille. While we admit the design does look a bit strange in pictures, we are reserving judgment until we see the car in person. As before, the 7 Series will be sold with six, eight, and twelve-cylinder engines. The flagship M760i xDrive model will pack a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 under the hood producing 600 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque enabling a 0-60 sprint of just 3.6 seconds.

If the V12 itself isn't enough to help you stand out over a lesser 7 Series, BMW will now offer 12 unique paint finishes from its M Individual program. Unfortunately, we don't think these paint jobs look eye-catching enough (at least in the pictures) for a 600-hp super limousine.

Going in order of how they are pictured here, the 12 color options include Aventurine Red II metallic, Dravite Grey metallic, Pure metal Silver, Almandine Brown metallic, Frozen Brilliant White metallic, Tanzanite Blue II metallic, Frozen Cashmere Silver metallic, Azurite Black II metallic, Brilliant White metallic, Frozen Arctic Grey metallic, Frozen Dark Silver metallic, and Frozen Dark Brown metallic.

The colors with 'frozen' in the name feature flat paint, which offers a unique aesthetic. Most of these options look very elegant but we wouldn't mind seeing some more outlandish color options like Yas Marina Blue or Austin Yellow.

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BMW will also let owners create their own color through the Individual Program, so perhaps a brave owner will decide to go with a crazy M color from the company's past. Although some of these colors don't look special in the pictures, we can't wait to see them in person. There may be a lot of silvers and greys but these Individual colors tend to look much more special in person due to BMW's impressive paint methods. If you're in the market for a V12 7 Series and want to stand out, go for one of these colors.