Ineos Still Working On An All-Electric Off-Roader

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It won't be as rugged as the Grenadier, but the company says the EV will be adept at traversing the road less traveled.

Ineos, the automaker behind the Grenadier off-roader, has reaffirmed its commitment to a second product in the form of an electric off-roader.

Speaking to the media at an event last week, company bosses confirmed the electric off-roader is still in the pipeline for this decade.

News of this new model first surfaced last year when Sir Jim Radcliffe, founder and CEO of Ineos Automotive, alluded to introducing an electric vehicle. "We need to embrace the future, which clearly, in an urban environment, is going to be electric - but even in a country environment, if you're a farmer, you probably will have an electric vehicle you can drive around on tracks and things like that," he said at the time.

Ineos Automotive

Ineos currently only produces one vehicle - the Grenadier - which will be arriving stateside powered by a BMW inline-six. In this guise, it will be a perfect rival to the new Land Rover Defender that may even lure fans of the original away from Land Rover due to its traditional design.

The Grenadier makes use of a ladder-frame chassis - much like a pickup truck. While traditionally, this hasn't been thought of as an ideal candidate for electrification, Stellantis' STLA Ladder platform that underpins the Ram 1500 EV Revolution Concept and patent filings from Volkswagen indicates that such a chassis could be used for an electric off-roader in the future. If this is the path Ineos chooses to follow, it would differentiate itself from many other EV makers that use skateboard chassis.

Ineos currently receives engines from BMW, so the potential exists that it may leverage this partnership for EV technology from the German automaker.

Ineos Automotive

While the Grenadier will continue to fill the role once occupied by the old Land Rover Defender, the new electric model will cater to a different crowd. Expected to be smaller than the Grenadier, it may take on the form of a rival to the Jeep Recon, which itself uses a skateboard chassis and will pioneer the era of BEVs for the Jeep brand.

We believe that an all-electric Grenadier would sell exceptionally well in the United States. Demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, particularly those with rugged styling and increased ride height. When you factor in people's desire for products like the Bronco and Wrangler and the revived Scout brand from Volkswagen, Ineos could be on to a winner with its future model.

There's no official word from the automaker, but it's very likely that the future EV will be offered in America. The company already received 5,000 reservations for the niche Grenadier in September 2022, and that's only expected to grow.

Ineos Automotive

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