Inept Car Thief Gets Locked in Car Until Arrested

Here's a tip for when you know the cops are on the way: run

It’s difficult to tell exactly what happened leading up to the events you’ll see in this video, but it is certain that this is about the most pathetic attempt at car theft possible. The video starts after the car’s rightful owner has already moved another car to block this one in, and the police are already on their way. The audio isn’t great, but at one point the thief is clearly trying to tell the assembled people that he had recently bought the car, an excuse which, not surprisingly, doesn’t work.

The guy is just sitting in the car when the cop comes and takes him away, which is quite comical, but the owner should consider herself lucky that the robber did not break the windows and try to fight his way out of there as we are sure some less polite thieves would have done.

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