Infiniti and Red Bull's Partnership Set to Grow


The Japanese luxury car brand and F1 Racing Team seems to be a match made in heaven.

Following Red Bull's triumphant season in which Infiniti's global ambassador Sebastian Vettel was crowned champion and the team took the constructor's title, Infiniti expanding their partnership with the F1 team was inevitable. From next year, Infiniti will enhance its logo on the side of the chassis and cockpit as well as on new areas of the team equipment and drivers' overalls, whilst we'll also see more media activities, marketing events and the development of their technical collaboration.

This season Infiniti was the most highly-exposed automotive brand in F1, and with increased advertising and another first-class performance by Red Bull, the Japanese automaker is sure to make its way deeper into the European consciousness. Recently Infiniti revealed they would be producing the F50 Sebastian Vettel Edition and a range of IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) cars, equivalent to the Mercedes AMG and BMW M-Series motors. Doubtless as the partnership grows and knowledge and expertise is shared, Infiniti will benefit from increased sales and Red Bull will cement its place as an F1 powerhouse.

Who knows, we could even see a Red Bull run by an Infiniti engine instead of a Renault by 2014 when F1 engine changes take place. What's clear is that advertising in F1 can yield spectacular results, something Bernie Ecclestone has taken advantage of for years.


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