Infiniti Dealer Sells A Tesla Because It Doesn't Have EVs Yet


Talk about a missed opportunity.

Infiniti has debuted a handful of pretty concept vehicles, previewing the brand's electric future. The Japanese automaker even has an upcoming gas-generation EV model, which won't need to be plugged in. Instead, these cars will have a small three-cylinder gas engine to charge up the batteries, making them a perfect stop-gap between a conventional gas engined car and an EV. We think the idea is solid but Infiniti's electric cars are still a few years away from hitting showrooms.

This is an issue for the brand as many customers are looking to buy their first EV right now. In fact, a dealership in Quebec called Infiniti de Sherbrooke nearly lost a loyal customer because the brand doesn't currently offer any EV models.

Losing one loyal customer doesn't sound like such a big deal but this customer was none other than the mayor of Sherbrooke, Steve Lussier. According to the dealership, Lussier wanted to buy an EV but preferred to work with his trusted Infiniti dealership. Instead of letting him buy from another dealership, the Infiniti dealer came up with an interesting solution. The dealer acquired a Tesla Model 3 and delivered it to Mr. Lussier.

Infiniti de Sherbrooke posted the delivery on its Facebook page: "Congratulations to Mr. Steve Lussier-Maire de Sherbrooke, for the acquisition of its new car, a TESLA MODEL 3! A loyal customer at Infiniti Sherbrooke for many years, he wanted to turn to an electric vehicle! As many electric models are expected by 2021 at Infiniti, we have found a solution in the meantime! Thank you for your continued trust, Mr. Lussier, and good luck from the entire Infiniti Sherbrooke Team."

This is an interesting move for the Infiniti dealer, who would have otherwise lost a loyal, high-profile customer to Tesla. Having Lussier drive another automaker's car can't be great for publicity but when Infiniti finally releases its first EV in 2021, chances are he will return to the brand because of the excellent service he received.


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