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Infiniti Got Smart And Decided To Ditch EV Plans


Great! Now how about the Q50 Eau Rouge?

A few years ago, Infiniti revealed its LE concept at the New York Auto Show. It was, for all intents and purposes, a heavily restyled Nissan Leaf. Yes, the luxury brand thought it had a business case for a tarted up Leaf as competitors like BMW and Audi built both EVs and kick-ass performance cars. The plan was to have an LE production version in dealerships last year. It was a no show, and it’s not because of a delay. The project has now effectively been canceled. Good riddance.

“We have to be a little pragmatic,” stated Infiniti vice president for the Americas, Michael Bartsch, speaking next to the brand’s latest concept, the Q60 at Detroit last week. Infiniti seems to have finally come to the conclusion that buyers today, at least in the luxury segment, want performance. The Q60 performance coupe will likely do well against its German rivals. But still, Infiniti hasn’t given up on the idea of an EV completely. Sales and reaction to the upcoming Tesla Model E will partially determine Infiniti’s next move. In the meantime, there's still silence regarding the Q50 Eau Rouge's future.

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