Infiniti Has Some Really Cool Things Planned


And to think, Nissan almost killed off the brand not so long ago.

There was a time when Infiniti wasn’t doing so well. Compared to its direct rivals such as Lexus and Audi, Infiniti didn’t have much of an identity. Parent company Nissan was strongly considering shutting the luxury brand down entirely. However, it was decided to give it one last shot, and former Audi of America president Johan De Nysschen was hired. He’s the guy behind the GT-R powered Eau Rouge Q50 concept, that awesome super sedan now slated for production.

Fortunately, there’s even more exciting stuff planned. Auto Express is reporting the upcoming Q30 hatchback, which likely won’t come to the US initially (if at all), could potentially spawn a variant to compete against an Audi Allroad. The Emerg-E electric supercar concept, which many believed to be dead in the water, may still see production. Nissan Vice President Andy Palmer stated that "there’s room in the mid-term plan for a halo car of the Emerg-E nature. The design execution still needs some discussion, though. But yes, you can see a halo car in our future." No indication was given whether or not that halo car will be an EV or a hybrid.

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What’s more, Infiniti is looking at the possibility of even more Eau Rouge performance variants down the line. If this is indeed the official plan, then Infiniti is clearly aiming towards a much more performance-oriented future utilizing both conventional gasoline engines and hybrid/EV methods.