Infiniti is Planning a 4 Series Coupe Rival for 2015

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Time to go all the way against those pesky Germans.

Infiniti has had enough of licking its wounds after the departure of two of its top executives. In their place Infiniti drafted former BMW exec Roland Krueger, and he's anxious to stick it to his former employer. Along with the hopeful production version of the Q50 Eau Rouge, Top Gear has just learned that a 4 Series coupe rival will launch in 2015. According to Infiniti chief creative officer and senior VP of Nissan, Shiro Nakamura, the new coupe will be "a little bit bigger than a BMW 4 Series, but not as big as a 6 Series."


Nakamura further revealed that the still unnamed coupe will feature design elements taken from the upcoming Q80 Concept that'll premiere at Paris next month. At the same time, Nakamura admitted the Q50 Eau Rouge was still in development and Infiniti is working hard to make the business case. "We need a halo car. It's almost a cost of entry into the premium segment." But what about a future coupe variant? Top Gear made the suggestion and Nakamura admitted outright he likes the idea. "If we can get a four-door Eau Rouge built, we can get the same for the two-door, using the same (Nissan GT-R) powertrain."

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