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The Infiniti M sedans are usually sold as the V6 powered M35 and the V8 powered M45, but don't do as well as some better known rivals. The M sedans offer excellent value, space, luxury, and performance; it's just too bad it isn't noticed. The 2010 Infiniti M offers a stylish cabin with an appealing modern design theme and exceptionally comfortable seats, and the ability to corner with some of the best sports sedans on the market. The M is definitely going to be a competative force.

Although it probably can't match the raw engine power of a Jaguar XF, its handling balance rivals anything else in the class. The 2010 M comes as either the M35, with a six-cylinder engine or the M45, with an eight-cylinder engine. Both are available in a base rear wheel drive, a Sport edition with a firmer, sport tuned suspension and a revised front fascia, and an X edition with all-wheel drive. The engines on both the M35 and the M45 are smooth, but and there is surprisingly little difference between the two.

Fuel economy is a bit of a tie-breaker with the V6 guzzling more than the larger engine. The EPA estimates that the M35 gets 17 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway, while the M45 gets 16 in the city and 21 on the highway. All-wheel drive X editions of each car rate slightly lower in mpg. The M also comes only in one transmission, a five speed automatic with a manual shift mode that responds more quickly than most. The 2010 M has quite an impressive cabin with a more modern than classic ambience.

The cabin is decked out with tight, smooth leather and satin finished metal or rosewood, and there are no complaints about its comfortable front and rear seats. The M sedans really deserve to be noticed.

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