Infiniti on the Charge with New Electric Sports Car Concept

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The Japanese automaker has confirmed an EV sports car concept marrying low emissions with high performance will debut at Geneva 2012.

Infiniti have released a couple of teaser photos of a new electric sports car concept. Highly-advanced and range-extending, it set to emerge at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show demonstrating the company's capacity to create high performance, low emission electric cars. Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President of Nissan and Infiniti explained the strategy behind the concept: "At the Geneva Show next year, we will present our vision for a totally new kind of inspired premium performance car.

"Infiniti already has hybrid and clean diesel models on sale. And with an all-electric sedan on the way, the natural next step was to push the boundaries where performance and the environment intersect." In the run up to the Auto Show, Infiniti are sure to disclose performance and economy figures about this project and we'll be on top of them as and when they're released.

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