Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Ahead Of Detroit


We like it, and we are so happy that it's not a crossover.

Right before the end of 2017, Infiniti teased a new concept car that would be revealed at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Even though the show is only a ten days away, Infiniti decided that it just couldn't wait that long to reveal it. In fairness, we only have a solitary image of the Q Inspiration Concept but we like what we see so far. Mostly, we are just thrilled that Infiniti decided to reveal a new flagship sedan concept instead of yet another crossover.

Infiniti says that the Q Inspiration Concept features clear and concise lines and classical sedan forms with an elongated silhouette. This concept is the first to show off a new design language for Infiniti and ushers in a new era of advanced powertrains. The details on this concept are minimal, so we aren't sure if Infiniti is referring to its recently revealed variable compression ratio engine, or some kind of EV drivetrain. Either way, when this concept car is finally revealed as a real production model, it will be a huge leap for Infiniti's outdated sedan lineup. The Q70 hasn't changed much since is was renamed from the M37/M56 a few years ago.

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Infiniti did reveal another sedan concept which was simply named the Q80 Concept (pictured below). Even though Infiniti didn't decide to give this new concept a Q80 badge, we can assume that the company is still getting ready to replace its aging Q70 sedan in the near future.