Infiniti Q50 Arrives Ahead of Schedule

Infiniti's all-new Q50 sports sedan aims to topple the benchmark BMW 3 Series, with these initial images leaking out ahead of schedule.

Carrying a new naming scheme for all of its upcoming models, Infiniti is aiming harder than ever against the likes of Audi and BMW. Its outgoing G series emerged as a respectable 3 Series fighter, but has grown a little long in the proverbial tooth. The Japanese luxury automaker is looking to remedy that situatuatiuon, however, with its all-new Q50. Set to be revealed in the coming days at the Detroit Auto Show, initial photos of the Q50 have leaked out onto the internet a touch early.

As of this writing, no official details of the new model have been released, just a handlful of press shots showing a vehicle that is clearly updated but familiar in design to the G37 sedan it replaces. The interior appears to have been fairly comprehensively updated as well. Whether it has the dynamic chops to tangle with the latest BMW 3 Series, however, remains to be seen. Watch this space for more as the new Q50 and dozens of other new cars make their way to Detroit for the show opening tomorrow.

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