Infiniti QX55 Still Looks Stunning Made Out Of Paper

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Now you can build your own Infiniti QX55 for free.

Back in April, Infiniti released a series of papercraft projects dubbed 'Carigami' to help cure boredom when everyone was stuck at home in quarantine during the pandemic. Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, gearheads can build their own Q50, QX80, and first-generation FX for free using a printer, paper, a craft knife or scissors, and glue.

Now, the 2022 Infiniti QX55 has been given the Carigami treatment, just in time for the holidays to encourage people to get creative with their friends and families. Customer deliveries of the QX55 won't start until next spring, so this is the closest you can get to owning Infiniti's new coupe crossover until then.


Once assembled, you'll be able to display a 1:27 scale replica of the QX55 that debuted back in November. Its stylish design translates well to a paper model since the crossover's intricate mesh grille was inspired by Japanese origami folds. This could be a fun way for gearheads to pass the time during the holiday season while spending time with their families.

"As we take time to celebrate our friends and families this season, it's our pleasure to offer the QX55 Carigami as a craft project to enjoy with loved ones. From center stage to your home, we treasure our customers and fans who bring life into our brand," said Phil York, Infiniti Global general manager for marketing.

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"Since the all-new QX55 is not quite available for your driveway, the QX55 Carigami can dazzle your holiday display this year instead."

Infiniti says its other Carigami models have been downloaded thousands of times. All four models are available to download and print at The automaker also encourages users to share their creations on social media using the hashtags #QX55 and #Carigami.

While the Carigami can be downloaded and built for free, the QX55 is expected to command a premium price over the QX50 that it sits above in the lineup, which starts at $37,950.

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