Infiniti QX65 Coming As Coupe Version Of QX60 SUV

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Infiniti is filling more niches as it looks to take over the luxury market in the US.

CarBuzz has discovered a new trademark for the name QX65 that luxury brand Infiniti has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Since the Infiniti QX55 is the coupe version of the QX50, it's safe to assume that Infiniti is working on a coupe version of the QX60 SUV. The application was filed roughly a week ago, on December 22, which suggests that the decision to introduce the new model to the American market was made recently. The similarly named QX56 was offered between 2004-2010 and was a rather hideous machine before it was renamed the QX80, but we doubt that the QX65 will be anything but attractive. It's also possible that a hybrid version will be offered.


The QX60 is one of Infiniti's safest crossovers to date, but it's not a perfect product. It still has some remnants of its Nissan Pathfinder ancestry and is currently only offered with a single engine option. This is a 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 producing 295 horsepower. The current generation is not offered with a hybrid powertrain, but as more and more legislation is passed to prevent combustion engines from being sold in the US a decade from now, Infiniti will need to offer more advanced and more efficient powertrains to keep competitive. The introduction of an all-new body style with a sloping roofline seems like the perfect occasion to launch a new hybrid powertrain or some other improved engine.

2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 Front Angle View CarBuzz 2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 View Out Back CarBuzz
2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 Front Angle View
2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 View Out Back

The incoming arrival of a coupe version of the QX60 follows what Infiniti told us earlier this year: "We will focus on the most popular luxury automotive segments such as crossovers and SUVs, as well as our first EV." There's simply not much interest in sedans anymore, so Infiniti will focus on expanding its range of crossovers and SUVs, but we don't expect to see the new QX65 until at least the third quarter of next year.

Thus far, our spy photographers have not come across any QX60-sized coupe crossovers testing, which suggests that a reveal is still some way off. We'll continue to monitor this story as it develops and bring your more exclusive info as we get it.

2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 Forward Vision Infiniti

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2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 Front Angle View 2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 View Out Back 2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 Forward Vision

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