Infiniti Readying to Take On the Germans

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It's time to take on ze Germans.

It wasn't all that long ago that Nissan strongly considered shutting down Infiniti for good. The luxury brand just wasn't hitting the mark, and it didn't have a definitive character. But there was a change of heart and Nissan hired Johan de Nysschen, who had huge success as Audi's US boss, to make Infiniti relevant. It was a challenge he savored, and he quickly put an end to a string of useless projects such as a luxury version of the Nissan Leaf.

Instead, de Nysschen has made his plans quite clear: "We need our own M brand or our own AMG. What is absent from our product structure today is a line of really thoroughbred, high-end performance cars that take no prisoners. IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) is there, but it's by no means a fait accompli that it will be the nomenclature for the performance brand for Infiniti." Whatever a future high-performance division is called, de Nysschen is determined to take on those main German competitors. A high-performance halo sports car is already in the works.

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