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Infiniti Really Wants You To Race An F1 Car

And all you have to do is test drive one of its road cars first.

It'shard to imagine any of our readers who has not, at one point, had the fantasyof getting behind the wheel of a true Formula One race car. In fact, who hasn'tspent a great part of their childhood trying to mimic the sound and thrill of piloting one of these insane track monsters? Well, now Infiniti is offering all prospective buyers (and those pretending to be) in the UK the chance to participate in acompetition where the winner will be given a go in a Red Bull Formula One carunder the guidance of F1 driver Daniil Kyvat.

Followingthe initial test drives, Infiniti UK will shortlist 25 finalists who'll betaken to the Rockingham Motor Speedway. There, their skills and drivingabilities will be tested by true F1 racers. The winner will then be taken toRed Bull Racing's Milton Keynes simulator, and then flown to a VIP weekend atthe Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November. "Never before has Infiniti offered aprize of this caliber. We are delighted to be able to reward potential andexisting customers with an opportunity like this," said Carl Bayliss,country manager for Infiniti UK. Unfortunately, the contest is only open to UKdrivers. But for eligible participants, an hour in a Q50 certainly sounds likea fair trade off, doesn't it?

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