Infiniti's EX37 and FX37 Interiors by Vilner

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Vilner has struck again. After fitting a MINI Cooper interior with a Bentley makeover, Vilner has now equipped two Infinitis with Alcantara and many other snazzy upgrades.

Custom designer Vilner has found a niche creating luxury interiors for automobiles. Fresh off their Bentley-styled MINI Cooper interior, they have gotten their hands on a pair of Infinitis, producing a nice looking yacht theme for the V6 315hp Infiniti EX. The steering wheel features chromium plated elements and the interior has been wrapped with Amaretta material. The FX features more conventional luxury interior upgrades. The revamped front panels, upper panels and ceiling are outfitted in Nappa leather.

Even the plastic decorations on the seats have been replaced with Alcantara. Vilner's aesthetic alternative to conventional tuning provides a nice change of pace and keeps it simple for those who don't want all the exterior bells and whistles. As of now, no pricing or time of availability has been announced for either of the models.

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