Infiniti's New QX Sport Inspiration Concept Looks Shockingly Awesome

Only thing left is to build it - as is.

We’ve long felt that Infiniti hasn’t pushed the design envelope far enough regarding its production cars. Its concept cars, however, look great and we’re hoping that this latest one won’t change much when it makes production. Set to debut this coming week at the Beijing Auto Show, the Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration is a midsize SUV/crossover that showcases the brand’s new "Powerful Elegance" design language. We dig its muscular and flowing sculptural lines and solid stance. So why is this concept important?

Because luxury mid-size SUVs are hot right now, and Infiniti needs one, big time. Infiniti says the exterior and interior designs go hand in hand, with the latter displaying sophisticated craftsmanship and flowing lines, and its "driver-center, passenger-minded" approach to cabin architecture. Infiniti’s Design Director describes the QX Sport Inspiration as "proportional clarity," with an elegance that is uniquely Infiniti. Overall, we like what we’re seeing but it remains to be seen whether Nissan’s luxury brand will fully translate this slick design to the eventual production version, or water down because it’s afraid to take a real chance.

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