Infiniti's Q30 Concept to Become Affordable Luxury


Now it's Infiniti's turn to find new and younger customers.

With Mercedes-Benz clearly targeting younger buyers with its new A- and CLA-Class, Infiniti isn't about to sit and do nothing while potential customers buy elsewhere. That's why Infiniti designed and built the Q30 Concept, which is having its official debut today at Frankfurt. Along with the likes of the Audi A3, the Q30 Concept represents Infiniti's first major push into the rapidly growing youth segment. Although it's still a concept, we can't imagine Infiniti changing the design all that much for the production version.

And that's just fine because the styling is quite attractive. The Japanese automaker's typical styling traits are all there such as the dramatic character lines above and below the door handles, and the sleek front grille. The interior features Infiniti InTouch technology, leather upholstery, and violet lighting. Infiniti Marketing Director Hugues Fabre stated that "Younger customers are coming into the premium segment with their own attitude toward premium-ness...we believe (they) deserve a premium product of their own." No word regarding its powertrain, but we wouldn't be shocked to see some sort of hybrid system in the eventual production car.


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