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Infiniti Shows Off Its Stunning Q Inspiration Concept

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This concept previews a new design language for the Infiniti brand.

We knew that Infiniti was set to reveal a large sedan concept at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show because, like most things, it was leaked ahead of time. Now Infiniti has pulled the wraps off its Q Inspiration Concept and we are impressed. This concept model not only previews a new design language for Infiniti, but also offers up predictions for how an innovative VC-Turbo powertrain and next-level autonomous drive technologies could be implemented in the future. Of course, this is all just a demonstration and this car is not being put into production.

Like many concept cars, the cabin is extremely minimalist and relies on screens to convey most of the important driver information. Under the hood, Infiniti says that this concept would be powered by a turbocharged, variable compression four-cylinder engine. This is likely a similar engine to the one Infiniti debuted in the new QX50. Infiniti says that this engine delivers the efficiency and torque of a hybrid or diesel engine. The VC-Turbo continually transforms itself, changing its compression ratio to optimize power and fuel efficiency. The Q Inspiration Concept is supposedly a mid-size sedan, so we believe that this could be a preview for an upcoming Q70 replacement.

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This concept also shows off Infiniti's new ProPILOT technology, which acts as a self-driving system. Infiniti says that the new VC engine's compact design allows for more space on the interior. We'd like to see a more production-ready car before we can truly comment on Infiniti's future interior layout. The Q Inspiration Concept has rear suicide doors and a ton of other concept car cliches, but we appreciate the styling of the Q Inspiration, and the fact it isn't just another hybrid crossover concept, but we won't get excited until it looks remotely production-ready.