Infiniti Takes It To The Limit: Rumor Or Reality?

Infiniti decided to give a sneak preview of its Etherea concept at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The idea was possibly to force rivals Audi and BMW to step up their game in the styling department. Word now is that Nissan is already planning something even more spectacular for next year's Geneva show. So what exactly do they have in mind? The rumor is that their new sports car will be aimed as a competitor to the Audi TT and BMW Z4.

Think of it simply as Infinit's two-seater with rear-wheel-drive. No word yet what to look for under the hood. British sports car maker Lotus is also rumored to be involved in the development of the chassis setup, something they're quite familiar with. Everything here indicates that Infiniti wants to take on the Germans once again, but with their own unqiue styling.

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