Infiniti Turning Over a New Leaf

Infiniti is not only developing its own version of the Nissan Leaf, but its future EV may have induction charging as opposed to power cables.

This is not your typical case of a luxury carmaker taking a model from its parent company and rebadging it then adding leather and other high-end features. Autocar is reporting that not only is Infiniti planning to launch its own version of the Nissan Leaf EV, but that its car will have induction technology instead of typical charging cables. According to Infiniti and Nissan boss Andy Palmer, "The whole concept of not having to couple up cables to a plug socket, dragging them on the ground and on you as you go, is in keeping with motoring luxury."

Sounds reasonable enough, but the biggest question is whether induction technology has progressed enough in order for it to be had on a mainstream production car. Infiniti obviously believes so and it’s even pushing fellow automakers to "further develop induction technology on an open source basis," instead of advancing the technology individually. Aside from induction charging, this new Infiniti will be further separated from its Leaf cousin with unique sheetmetal and a more luxurious interior. No exact production timeframe was given, but it'll likely be a while before induction technology is ready for implementation.

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