Infiniti Will Debut A Flagship Sedan Concept At Detroit


Question is, will it make production this time?

Take a look at Infiniti's current US model lineup and you'll notice it's lacking a flagship sedan to compete against the likes of the BMW 7 Series and Lexus LS. That could soon change because, according to Car and Driver, Infiniti will unveil a new sedan concept this January at the Detroit Auto Show. And yes, it will hint at a possible new flagship sedan, Infiniti's design chief Alfonso Albaisa confirmed. "In Detroit, we will show something about that subject which is super nice," he said. But don't think it'll be the typical three-box sedan design.


This is Infiniti, after all. "The straight sedan is losing a little bit of appeal again." This is something Lexus clearly understood when it designed its latest generation LS, which also debuted in production form at last year's Detroit show. Albaisa admitted that "sexy sedans" are here to stay, and fortunately Infiniti has always been about style. The four-door coupe, originally set in motion by the first generation Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class back in 2005, is what's keeping sedans alive. "Honestly, we have a little bit of a new proportion because of new technologies, and without saying too much, we will have some news in Detroit," Albaisa added.

It was back in 2014 when Infiniti revealed its previous flagship sedan concept, the Q80 Inspiration, which, obviously, never made it to production. However, much of its styling cues lived on. At the moment, Infiniti considers its big body-on-frame QX80 to be its SUV flagship, but that obviously doesn't appeal to everyone. It takes a specific type of buyer. Sedans, however, potentially have broader appeal, but styling and technology is key to making it successful. We'll have to wait and see what Infiniti has in mind.


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