Infiniti's Clever App Will Make Daily Living Easier

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You can now control a multitude of functions from your smartphone.

Infiniti, together with Nissan, is also on track to launch an EV offensive with it identifying the USA as a key market. It backs this up with a recent announcement of a $500 million investment due for its Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant in Mississippi for two new electric cars. The only detail we have of these two models so far is a teaser of their dynamic front LED light design.

Before we can get to that point, Infiniti has been expanding its digital platforms to make life a bit easier for its customers. For March, it launched a collaboration with Waze in celebration of Women's Month that highlighted all women-owned businesses and landmarks on the map in certain cities. You could also change your directional icon to an Infiniti QX60.

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Something a bit more permanent is Infiniti's new announcement of a virtual key that uses the power of your smartphone. It will cover a wide variety of products from the manufacturer and act as a conclusive control hub that effectively replaces the existing fob. It's not just limited to locking and unlocking a car. You can also start the car remotely, release the hatch or trunk, and signal a panic alert in the event of an emergency.

Using remote start, you can pre-heat or cool the cabin to your preference before you set out on your journey. If the car is regularly driven by more than one user, you can add profiles to the desired car, meaning you won't have to go through the pesky trial of exchanging keys. Select features, such as remote starting, can also be revoked from users if they're not qualified to drive.


If you own more than one Infiniti, you won't need to carry two smartphones as you can add multiple vehicles to your profile. Adding convenience for Apple users, it can also pair to your Apple Watch, meaning you won't have to take your phone all the way out of your pocket to unlock the car.

Smartphone apps designed to control car functions are by no meansa groundbreaking innovation so Infiniti is a bit late to the game here but if we're looking at the better late than never philosophy, this will come as a great addition to current owners. The service is available from any Infiniti dealership for $450 MSRP. It caters to the current generation of Q50, Q60, QX50, QX55, and QX60 models.


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