Injured Los Angeles Laker Just Gave His BMW i8 A Gorgeous Wrap

You might as well look good on your drive to the end of the bench.

This season has been a lost one for Los Angeles Lakersforward Julius Randle. The rookie forward broke his leg in the season opener and has been outof commission ever since. In addition to being the owner of a broken leg Randleis also the owner of a BMW i8. He recently handed his hybrid over to RBD LosAngeles where it was lowered and given a gorgeous glossy and matte black vinylwrap that ensures it'll subtly shine all summer.

BMW is having problems meeting demand for its i8, althoughproduction was recently increased. That being said, Los Angeles Lakers likelydon’t wait in any lines in Southern California, especially not dealer lines. As far asathlete/celebrity custom car jobs go, this one is pretty tame. It’s certainlynot as loud as Beiber’s chromed-out Karma or as despicably ugly as Chris Brown’slyric Lamborghini.

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