Insane 22-Year-Old Steals Cop Car, Attempts To Recreate 'Grand Theft Auto V'


Can this guy tell reality from video games?

If you were out driving and saw someone lying in the street, what would you do? That’swhat a mom from New Jersey encountered while driving her Mercedes-Benz. As a good Samaritan she pulled over to help the 22-year-old male. Toher surprise, the young man, Sereymanta Kong, miraculously leapt up, ran towards her car and got into the driver’s seat. After realizing she was being carjacked, the mom swiftly got her kids out of thecar.

After carjacking the Mercedes-Benz, Kong also managed to get his hands on a police cruiser. Check out the wild video of Kong’s chase and capturebelow.

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Right out of a chapter in Grand Theft Auto, Kong led the police on a merrychase in the stolen Mercedes. New Jersey police officers were able to apprehendKong and get him into a patrol vehicle where he was able to get into the driver’s seat.Yes, that’s correct. After stealing a vehicle, this guy thought it wouldbe a good idea to steal a police car. Kong, onceagain, took off and led police on an 11-mile chase through several towns. Copseventually caught Kong and managed to arrest him, but the GTA wannabe managedto damage seven patrol cars in the process. Needless to say, he’s being held fornumerous charges and bail is set at $1 million.