INSANE: Arab LaFerrari Catches Fire After Terrorizing Beverly Hills Neighborhood!

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WTF! These guys are idiots!

It is normally our preference not to cast judgement on these sorts of incidents, but it's obvious to anyone who watches the videos that the drivers do not deserve to own these cars and should be arrested for their reckless actions. A crazy driver in a bright yellow Ferrari LaFerrari, with a Qatari license plate, and a friend in a Porsche GT3, were filmed driving at insane speeds through a neighborhood in Beverly Hills.

The LaFerrari driver was seen pulling out of his driveway, badly scraping the bottom of the car and then blazing through a four- way intersection. The white GT3 followed suit with equal reckless abandon and also blazed through at ridiculous speeds. Both drivers narrowly missed a red Nissan when jumping the stop signs.

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Children can also be seen playing on nearby sidewalks during the incident. After completely terrorizing the neighborhood the LaFerrari driver pulled the car back into his driveway, scraping it again, all whilst the car looked to be on fire. Police arrived soon following.

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