Watch Insane BMW 7 Series Driver T-Bones Ford Pickup In Road Rage Fit


The stunning spectacle unfolded in North Hollywood on Monday.

Well, this isn't your typical lukewarm case of Monday morning road rage. The driver of a BMW 7 Series in North Hollywood retaliated with the fury of Godzilla after another driver in a Ford F-150 allegedly hit the Bimmer and attempted to flee the scene. The BMW guy was having none of it, and he proceeded to T-bone the F-150 in the most spectacular fashion, to the shock of passers-by who managed to record the spectacle.

More than one video was taken. In the angle below - shared by Valley Racing 818_1320 - the BMW is seen ramming into the Ford pickup with plumes of smoke from the rear wheels, and he just keeps at it even as the front passenger door flails wildly.
Valley Racing 818_1320 via Instagram

The F-150 driver, by this point probably fearing for his life, tries to get away but the BMW continues to give chase. All of this happened as pedestrians and other drivers scattered, obviously not wanting to have any part of the madness. Just days ago, a study found that drivers of pricier cars weren't especially friendly, but we didn't expect those findings to be substantiated so quickly and in such dramatic fashion.

According to an NBC News report and a tweet by the LAPD, an arrest for "assault with a deadly weapon" was made following the incident, which took place on Monday evening in the vicinity of Victory Boulevard and Lauren Canyon.
Valley Racing 818_1320 via Instagram

The 27-year-old BMW driver's bail amounted to $30,000 and he was released on Tuesday, with a court date set for March 24th. While we've delved into the serious problem of road rage in America before, this stands out as one of the more bizarre scenes we've seen. It's a miracle that nobody was injured, as pedestrians were in dangerously close proximity to the two cars as the drama unfolded.

It remains to be seen what the fate of the BMW driver will be, and we'd also love to know what his insurance company has to say about all of it. Still, let's use this as a reminder to turn up the music, take a deep breath, and keep a cool head out there.

Valley Racing 818_1320 via Instagram
Valley Racing 818_1320 via Instagram
Valley Racing 818_1320 via Instagram
Source Credits: NBC News

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