Insane Jeep Owners Drive Down A Vertical Chute To Prove Wranglers Rule

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Not for the faint of heart.

Swear on our mother's grave, sometimes it just pays off to live the analogue life. Your neck will thank you when it's not straining from the endless hours each week spent looking down at your iPhone and your father could maybe, just maybe, acknowledge you as a man and not a boy. Especially when you decide to remove the high tech wizardry from your life and go nomadic like this Jeep Wrangler owner who must have thought, "to hell with off-road cameras and hill decent computers."

What we see in this shy-of-a-minute-long video is a Jeep Wrangler in Hurricane, Utah holding the weight of its body and its owner's massive balls as it uses dark magic to somehow find traction and descend this near vertical chute. It's not barreling down aggressively, just taking its sweet time to descend correctly.

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Most impressive is trying to imagine what it looks like from the driver's point of view. Think about it. Suspended by the seatbelt that's holding you from being shot into the windshield by gravity, looking straight down, not being able to see the point where the ground levels out, and having vibrations in the seat, pedals, and steering wheel being the only gauge of how much traction the Jeep has. The video caption reads, "This is a Jeep our shop built and we took it down to Sand Hollow to go wheeling. This is the Chute obstacle and people usually just go up it and we decided to get video of our Jeep coming down it since it is so steep." This Wrangler's ability to go down the hill so well should be confirmation that these guys know what they're doing.

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