Insane Owner Takes £2M Mercedes CLK GTR AMG Roadster Rally Racing

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Only six of these exist in the entire world and this guy treats it like Ken Block treats a Focus RS on the rally stage.

None of us would hold reservations about getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 GTB and hooning it till the tires come off, but take it to a rally stage with no pavement and all the opportunity in the world to let sharp rocks scuff up the valuable paint and body? Get out of town. If that's your attitude towards roughing up a Ferrari, then you may want to cover your eyes for this because compared to this car, a 488 GTB is as pedestrian as a Corolla.

The Mercedes CLK GTR AMG Roadster in this video is older and quite a bit more special than most modern Ferraris. As in seriously special. As in, there are 34.8 times more Ferrari LaFerrari Apertas in this world than the £2 million ($2.59 million) piece of Mercedes history we see getting thrashed here.

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The insane and unnamed owner of this car, one of only six in existence, holds zero regard for its safety. And you know what? We're perfectly okay with that. Too often we get wrapped up in life's trivialities, and that extends into the world of cars too. Sure, this CLK GTR AMG Roadster is both rare and beautiful, but what's it really worth if you can't have any fun with it? This owner sure does plenty of that, power sliding the supercar on the grass before treating a dirt road as an open invitation to mash the throttle. One day they'll die, just like the rest of us, and won't be able to take a cent of their fortune to the grave. But the memory of truly enjoying a special car? That's a story that'll live on forever.

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