Insane POV Rally Video Proves This 14-Year-Old Is Cooler Than You


He's sure to steal all the girls.

Most of us get our licenses at age 16 and learn to drive on a crappy old Civic. We dream to race cars, but the biggest thrill most of us can afford is going 20 mph over on the interstate. Kalle Rovanpera however is a 14-year-old driver from Finland and already rally races like a pro. This video highlights his skilled navigation through a tarmac course at breakneck speeds. We can't understand what they are saying in the video, but we see him drive his Skoda s2000 like he was born to. He even pulls a sharp 180 degree turn during the middle of the video.

This crazy kid has a full channel of videos, some of him driving as young as age 8. We don't know if any of this is even legal, but be sure to check out this future racing champion.

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