Insanity Reaches A New Level With This Woman Abusing Cars

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The length this woman goes to is unbelievable.

Who is this woman? Why does she park outside of this man's house? Why does she wave before she deliberately crashes into his car? Why does she then start breaking glass? These questions will all make sense when you watch this video of a crazy lady who uses her Mercedes-Benz SUV to wreak havoc. The real tragedy is the innocence of the two vehicles involved in this video, especially the poor Mercedes. What did it do to become a pawn in this revenge game? Call us nuts, but we don't think it has anything against this Honda Accord.

It's videos like this that provide autonomous cars with a viable argument. Now there's even less evidence to back up the side of keeping cars in the hands of people. Oh yeah, there is also a quick moment where the guy almost gets hit by the giant SUV. Some people will stop at nothing for revenge, but this takes the cake.

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