Inside Porsche's Secret Collection in Stuttgart

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Porsche takes us behind the scenes of its private collection in the first installment of a new video series.

Porsche is giving its fans an exclusive look at their new climate-controlled warehouse in Stuttgart. The ultra-impressive museum features models that have shaped the company since 1948.

The new museum will house the German automaker's vast array of classic cars, since before the building was converted their collection had been kept in various locations all around Europe. They have 505 cars in total, so a large facility with the capability for expansion was definitely something they sorely needed. The museum also acts as something of a hub for the German automaker's traveling exhibitions that send historic Porsches around the world. This video is billed as the first installment of Porsche's Secret Collection, so look out for more to come in the near future.

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Porsche is promising to show off the 924 World Record Car, a bulletproof 996 and a 908 Targa Florio in the second installment of the epic series. Stay tuned to CarBuzz for part 2 of their series.

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