Inside Porsche Sport Driving School

Time at Porsche’s official driving school is well spent. Whether you own a Porsche or not.

The Porsche911 is bought for its sexy sports car looks and rapid acceleration, butalso (we hope) because it’s a spectacular driving machine. Without specialisttraining, however, your average driverwill never fully appreciate that final fact. Those in the position to buy a new 911 surely have the means to spend a day at one of the many PorscheSport Driving Schools dotted around the world, such as the Porsche Experience Center in Silverstone, UK, where X-Cars went to experience the day-long Precision course.

From honing skills on the ice hill to spending an hour on the Grand Prix track, the course involves one-on-one tuition from professional race drivers who will help Porsche owners improve their confidence behind the wheel. Don't own a Porsche? You’re more than welcome to come down and hire one.

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