Inspired Autosport's Sinister Corvette C6 Project M47

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Further proof that the C6 'Vette still has serious potential left.

Chevrolet is busy readying their next generation C7 Corvette for release next year and the crew over at Inspired Autosport has kept themselves entertained with a new aftermarket program for the current generation C6. The Canadian tuning firm has dubbed the C6 the Project M47 and fitted some new wheels on the American supercar. Based in Vaughan, Ontario, the tuners have taken a silver C6 Corvette Convertible with chrome 3-piece Savini wheels and upgraded the entire car.

Finished in an aggressive black, they have added some updated lightweight and wide 20-inch wheels that measure 13-inches wide. The wide wheels, built by PUR Design and featuring their 4OUR styling, didn't fit in the standard 'Vette so the Canadians had to order a 2012 Corvette Grand Sport body kit. After installing the new body kit consisting of a new front bumper and front and rear fenders, the wheels were then fitted and work perfectly. Finished in a high gloss black, the Corvette looks as sinister as ever.

Other changes from Inspired Autosport on the Project M47 included new bolt-on pieces for the engine, tweaked suspension and a racing exhaust system.

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