Instead Of A New Supercar, The Dubai Police Bought This Insane Hoverbike

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Yes, it's real. And yes, it's dangerous.

We're accustomed to seeing the Dubai Police force making extravagant purchases for its car fleet. These include a Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari FF, to name just a few. That same police force has just added a new addition to its enviable garage: a hoverbike. Yes, this thing is real. And yeah, it looks dangerous. Officially called the Scorpion, it was jointly developed with a Russian company called Hoversurf, and was revealed for the first time last week at the Gulf Information Technology Exposition.

According to Autoblog, this Hoverbike can fly up to 16 feet in the air, move at a speed of 43 mph and carry an impressive total of 660 pounds of gear, including the rider/driver. The Dubai police very much intends to incorporate more of these hoverbikes into its fleet in order to enable officers to quickly bypass traffic and other road obstacles when emergencies arise.

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However, there is one major drawback: its battery. The Scorpion hoverbike is powered by an electric motor that only has a 25-minute charge capacity. Imagine being 16 feet of the ground going over 40 mph and the battery suddenly dies. Not good. Another area of danger we can see are the hoverbike's rotor blades. What if someone got too close to one of them while in motion? Still though, this hoverbike looks like wicked fun to fly. Just keep your limbs safely away from those rotors and watch the battery.

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