Intense Subaru Rally Car Crash Caught On Film In Glorious Slow Motion


Slow motion makes all crash videos better.

When it comes to rally racing we have seen some pretty incredible crashes and also some intense near-miss moments. This video is perhaps the best view you'll ever get of a rally crash, second only to seeing it live of course. It happened in Merritt, British Columbia, during Stage 8 of the Pacific Forest Rally which is part of the Canadian Rally Championship. Driver David Nickel and co-driver Aled Edwards roll coming around a bend, right in front of a waiting camera. There's also a camera in the cockpit that records audio of the crash and its aftermath.

The slow-motion video is incredible but what will really get you is the audio from the cockpit. The guys are just so damn calm and businesslike as their Subaru Impreza rolls and rolls.

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