Internal Power Struggle: Porsche Wants Fastest SUV, Ahead Of Bentley


VW can follow this up by running 50 different teams at Le Mans this year.

Volkswagen Group is a company which at times looks a bit top heavy. With so many different brands all wanting to offer the fastest and most luxurious versions of different types of vehicles, the company's biggest competition is frequently itself. This has literally been the case in motorsports at several points, but now it seems that Porsche and Bentley are both aiming for the title of fastest SUV. This seems to have started with Porsche's unveiling of a new Cayenne Turbo S in Detroit.

This new Turbo S is so fast that it is nearly as quick around the Nurburgring as the last-gen 911 GT3, but Bentley has just announced that the upcoming Bentayga SUV will be the fastest in the world. That will probably be true for a time, but Porsche is looking at a next-gen Cayenne which is considerably lighter than the current model. Very considerably, in fact, with Porsche saying it will shed "at least" as much weight as the Audi Q7 did (just over 700 lbs) in its most recent generation change. That could put the Porsche back on top, but it remains to be seen, as this is all just talk for now.

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