Internet Stops Z06 Markup, Daniel Ricciardo Leaving McLaren F1, Zenvo's New 1,800-HP Hypercar: Cold Start

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Your morning recap of yesterday's news also takes a look at a Hyundai/Kia recall and McLaren's electric SUV.

Howdy, buenos dias, hello, and welcome to another Cold Start morning recap. We've recently seen the Volkswagen Golf R 20 Years achieve greatness at the Nurburgring with a new lap record. We also reported on a new type of "super license" that Australia wants to introduce for drivers of high-power cars, something that could catch on elsewhere in the world, and we saw a new Pokemon-based Mini Aceman Concept.

For today's recap, however, we talk about how the internet has shamed a dealer into selling the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 at MSRP rather than the scandalous price originally advertised. We also talk about Daniel Ricciardo's departure from the McLaren F1 team, a new recall affecting the Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride, Zenvo's next hypercar, and McLaren's electric SUV.


Chevrolet Dealership Removes Insane Z06 Markup Following Public Outcry

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is one of the most hotly-anticipated cars of the year, and dealerships are, once again, trying to take advantage of the enthusiasts' love for what was always intended to be an affordable, attainable alternative to European exotica. With a base MSRP of $106,395 before destination, it's far more affordable than any Lambo or Ferrari. Or at least, it would be if dealerships didn't impose scandalous markups. Markups are an accepted part of the purchasing process, but one dealer tried to earn $90,000 on the car, and people lost their minds. After proof of the markup was circulated online, the backlash was so bad that the dealership completely backtracked. In fact, it didn't even lower the markup to an acceptable level and announced that it would give all Z06 customers the same price, specifically the one recommended by Chevy. Let's hope more of this happens so enthusiasts can drive the cars that were created for them.

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2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Coupe Frontal Aspect Chevrolet

Daniel Ricciardo And McLaren F1 Part Ways For 2023

Daniel Ricciardo has one of the bubbliest personalities on the F1 grid and is certainly gifted with a good dose of raw talent. Similarly, the team he currently races for, McLaren, has decades of heritage and a reputation for success. But neither one of them has performed to the levels we expected of them since joining forces. With Ricciardo regularly outshined by his much less experienced teammate, Lando Norris, both parties have now amicably parted ways to look for something better. We suspect that McLaren is happier that Danny Ric's contract has been ended earlier, given the rumors surrounding F2 Champion Oscar Piastri joining the British outfit. Still, we doubt the Aussie ace will be too upset at receiving the boatload of cash that the papaya team had to pay him to agree. Where he will end up next is anyone's guess, but we hope he will be behind the wheel again in 2023.

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Zenvo Reveals Initial Details Of Its Upcoming V12 Hypercar

Danish hypercar manufacturer Zenvo rose to prominence in the auto industry with insane power and wild styling. It recaptured our imagination when it returned to the market after some financial issues with the TSR-S, a crazy amalgam of its roadgoing and track-focused creations with a centripetal wing that wowed onlookers. Now, the company has begun work on a new car, teasing its design to some of the richest showgoers at Monterey Car Week. In the time since then, more details have been uncovered, including that the company wants to develop a new carbon fiber chassis, gearbox, V12 engine, and electric motors, all of which could result in 1,800 horsepower. The company claims it will be loads of fun to drive, but we will have to wait a long time before it's ready to sample.

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Zenvo Automotive

Recall: Hyundai Palisade And Kia Telluride Could Catch Fire

The NHTSA has given notice of a new recall that affects the Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade, noting that a dealer-installed tow hitch could have an issue with its wiring harness that may result in fire. Oddly, owners have not been told to stop driving the cars, only to park them outside and away from buildings. No fires have yet been reported, indicating that the risk of unexpected combustion is low. However, another strange factor here is that Hyundai offers a temporary fix in the form of removing a fuse (which subsequently makes it illegal to tow as the trailing vehicle won't have working lights). Curiously, the Kia SUV is ineligible for the same fix. A permanent solution is "under development," according to the NHTSA.

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McLaren Wants Its Electric SUV To Be Unique In The Segment

McLaren has been suffering financial struggles for some time now, and the solution is to bring in more money. A high-end SUV makes the most sense, with the niche currently bustling with stalwarts of the segment like the Cayenne and shortly to be expanded with the arrival of vehicles like the Ferrari Purosangue and others. McLaren's newly-appointed CEO, Michael Leiters, has been directly involved in developing both the aforementioned SUVs, so a high-riding Mac seems inevitable. But the Woking-based outfit wants its creation to stand out and, much like the Purosangue, may be more of a lifted GT wagon than a true SUV. This may even arrive as a pure EV, but it's worth noting that McLaren has not explicitly confirmed an SUV will be built, as other moneymaking additions to its lineup could prove just as beneficial. Whatever it produces next, collaboration could help streamline the process and make it more viable, but McLaren is still looking for the right partner.

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