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Introducing The 1,000-HP Yenko Camaro For Only $69k


Take that, Challenger Demon.

Camaro fans the world over have experienced little more than disappointment over the past year or two. It all began when Chevy decided to give the Camaro a facelift that was, by some accounts, hideous. And even though Chevrolet has since fixed its muscle car’s front end, a rumor about the Camaro being discontinued later came to surface and seemed to confirm that Chevy really had given up on the car entirely. And while that rumor has since been disproved, it still left a bad taste in the mouths of Camaro fans, in part because it uncovered just how bad things were going for the storied muscle car.

But for the diehards, none of that matters because despite high-output variants like the ZL1, the modern Camaro lacks some of the appeal of the late 60s classic. For them, only the older Camaros will do. Thankfully, Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) may have a way to change that.

That’s because the tuning division has gotten its hands on the 2020 Camaro SS and given it the Yenko treatment in the spirit of the modified coupe that dealership owner and racer Don Yenko built in the 60s. Like its peace and love era predecessor, the 2020 Stage II Yenko Camaro is beast to behold both visually and viscerally.

To start out, SVE took the SS’ 6.2-liter LT1 V8 and bored it to 6.8-liters. It then added forged internals, an upgraded fuel system, new stainless-steel headers, a pair of high-flow cats, and a high-output supercharger to allow the Yenko’s V8 to make no less than 1,000 horsepower and 875 lb-ft of torque. That power is then routed to a manual transmission, because for some nothing less than outright anarchy will do. But that the original Yenkos also featured plenty of visual treats, it would have been a shame if SVE stopped there.

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Good thing it didn't because SVE then gave the Yenko Camaro unique five-spoke 20-inch wheels that call back to the original car. With a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires helping lay those 1,000 restless horsepower down, the 2020 Yenko Camaro will be capable of posting some serious numbers at the drag strip.

Rounding off the look are classic Yenko stripes, a hand-painted carbon fiber hood with a giant scoop, a new rear spoiler, and Yenko badges strewn around the exterior and embroidered onto the headrests and floor mats. Best of all, even better than the fact the front Yenko badge is on the grille rather than on the bar below it, is the fact SVE will sell you this Camaro with Bugatti Veyron levels of power for only $69,000. It even throws in a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty to cap it all off. The only catch? SVE is building just 50 copies of the Yenko Camaro, meaning you better hop on this quick if you want one.